Grooming Services

Our grooming service starts at $40 and up depending on the dog. Services with grooming include toenails clipped and dremel. Ears plucked and cleaned, anal gland expression, bath, brush out, and the groom you want!

We also offer

  • $10 tooth brushing
  • $10 toenail trims
  • $10 anal gland expression

Boarding Services

Let us keep your pet while you are away! Whether it's for one day or one week, let us love and care for them.

They will be walked every 4 hours. They will be fed as they would at home. You tell us when and how you want your pets fed. If your dog stays over 3 days we will give your dog a free bath!

Things you need to bring for a stay

  • Favorite blanket or rug.
  • Food
  • Favorite toy
  • Dog vaccination record (Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper/Parvo, and Canine influenza)
  • Cat vaccination record (PRCC, Rabies, and Feline Leukemia 2 Booster) 

We want your pets to feel at home!

  • $15 small up to 15lbs
  • $20 medium up to 16lbs to 35lbs
  • $25 large 26lbs and up

Let us pamper your pet for a day or while you're away!

"Friendly and truly caring staff!"

Holly Webber

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